30 May

How to Get the Right Kind of Traffic With Link Building

Increase-Your-Web-Traffic-Flow-With-the-Help-of-Link-Building-ServicesIt’s no mystery that search engines use inbound and outbound links to determine the ranking of a webpage. According to standard algorithm used by most search engines, if a site has inbound traffic from another page, then it is favourably ranked and is considered more important. The more links there are in a page, there more likely it is to get a higher ranking in the search engine results. However, as a link builder, the integrity of the linked websites should also be considered and the rank varies accordingly; for example, a page with three or four links for reputed sites is more likely to carry a higher ranking than one with hundreds of links to mediocre or spam websites.

It is often misunderstood, even among SEO people that any link is better than no link at all and in some cases, this is correct. However, having just established that not all links are created alike, it is important to know how to secure links that will have a greater impact on your site’s rating. By creating something that other websites will want to share, it will be easier to link good websites. However, this is not as easy as it seems as it requires no small amount of research, skill and creativity. The majority of site admins therefore resort to link directories and spam.

Barring a few forums and directories, the majority are a deposit of links that one can insert into their site, regardless of the quality of the link or its relevance in your specific niche. Links can also be bought from companies. The right to link to a high-demand, well-known company is a lucrative market, with buyer paying yearly to maintain their rights to every single purchased link. To commit to link building without the need to spend money or resorting to spamming, one only needs to search for trusted websites, check their rankings on freely available online sites and post relevant, good quality content on their website.